Student-Led Conferences

Parent "Survival Guide"

to Student-Led Conferences

Why Student-Led Conferences?

Student Responsibility is a focus of Spring Creek Middle School. What better way for students to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability for their academic performance than by leading their own conference. Student-led conferences are a positive alternative to traditional parent-teacher conferences.  Parents and students are able to engage in open and honest dialogue about learning, and students develop important organizational and oral communication skills as they present their portfolio of work and answer questions about their performance.

What can I expect at the conference?

At the conference, your child will do most of the talking as she/he shares work samples and discusses class performance.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions.  You may want to ask your child why they received a certain grade, if they interact well with their teacher/other students, or how much time was devoted to the project. (click here to see our list of suggested questions) 7th grade parents may want to ask how their child is adapting to middle school life, while the 8th grade parents may want to begin talk about the transition to high school.

How are the teachers involved at Student-Led Conferences?

In student-led conferences, the spotlight is on the most important person in the process: the student.  While your child will have an assigned teacher in the room, they will not be directly involved in the discussions with your child. They are available to support the students if needed, to clarify points, or answer basic questions.  Since many conferences are going on at once, they have a very limited time to speak with parents.  Please be on time for your appointment and use only the allotted time for your conference.  We encourage you to schedule a separate appointment with a teacher if you would like to discuss your child’s progress in detail.  

What if I still have questions?

If you have additional questions about student-led conferences, please contact any of your child’s teachers or administration at 777-1688.