Student Digital Education Resources


Math TV
(Problem Solving Videos)
Purple Math
(Free Resources to Help with Math)
Interactive fraction wall (explore equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.) Prodigy
(a free math game for Grades 1 - 8)
Front Row

(Differentiated math instruction)

(Animated activities can teach key concepts numbers factors multiples primes.)

Hooda Math

(Math Games)

Khan Academy

(Instructional Math Videos)

Math Play
(Math Games)
Cool Math Games

Math Goodies

(Math Games and Puzzles)

Math Tutor

(Free Site to Learn Math)


(Graphing Calculator- Chromebook App)


(Graphing Calculator - Chromebook App)

Buzz Math
(CCSS Math Review)

Monster Math

(Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and pision practice.)


(Boost student engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational games)

Math Playground

(Math games)

Language Arts


Google Lit Trips

Read Write Think

Read Write Chomebook App

Kid Blog
Chormebook App

Noodle Tools
(bibliographies,note cards,outlining)

Easy Bib

Chromebook Extension

Khan Academy

(Instructional Videos)

Story Bird
(Digital Story-Building)
Google Play Book

Kindle Books

Chromebook App

Open Library



Anatomy Skills- Bones


3D Solar System


National Science Digital Library


Anatomy Skills- Learn the bones of the human body. WeatherBug- Get real-time weather information. 3D Solar System- Learn about the planets while viewing them. in 3D Planetarium- Learn about the stars in our solar system. National Science Digital Library- A wealth of science information. MolView- visualize molecular structures and their properties.

Chemreference: Periodic Table

Biodigital Human

Chemreference: Periodic Table- powerful periodic table. Biodigital Human Body- 3D platform to learn about the body.


Social Studies

Google Maps

Google Maps- view maps of the world.

Google Earth

Google Earth- view satellite images of the world.

Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps- create, edit, and share maps.

Time Toast

Time Toast- create digital timelines

Time Maps

Time Maps- a timeline of maps covering 5,000+ year of world history.

Time Glider

Time Glider- create, collaborate, and publish interactive timelines.

National Archives Experience: Digital Vault

National Archives Experience: Digital Vaults- shows an interconnected web of records.

World Data Atlas

World Data Atlas- key statistics and data about countries around the world.

Learn States and Capitals

Learn States & Capitals- learn in a fun and interactive way.

A Battle A Day- Revolutionary War

A Battle A Day Revolutionary War- narrates the events of the Revolutionary War.

U.S. Citizenship Test

U.S. Citizenship Test- learn about what it takes to master the U.S. Citizenship Test.

Civil War- Guess My Name

The Civil War (Guess My Name)- features descriptions of the most important figures in the Civil War.