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We’re ready to work for the students at Spring Creek MS. Our school counselors and our social worker are responsible for reporting and monitoring the academic and emotional well-being of every student. They are supportive with the respect of the educational, personal, social, and career development of the students with whom they work.
Visit our office regularly so we can help you prepare for high school and even college.

Ever wonder what you can be doing now to prepare for college? Actually, a lot. But it’s not as hard or intimidating as you might think. 

Solid Academic Foundation

The first step in fulfilling your dream of college is to start laying a good academic foundation. What you learn in middle school will make a huge difference in what classes you’re able to take (and excel at) in high school. Obviously classes like English, history, math, and science are important, but don’t forget about skills classes like typing, computer application, and business accounting. 


Next, read, read, read. You’ll be amazed what reading will do for your vocabulary and writing skills. And we all know that good essay writing is essential to garnering scholarships! Read everything from books to news articles and blogs, play word games, and make sure you have (and are using) a library card.


And finally, start working on extracurriculars. Colleges love to welcome well-rounded students. Students who volunteer, intern, and/or can show achievement through sports and hobbies are often the first to land big scholarships. Middle school is a time of exploration. And rightly so. Allow your children to explore new interests and discover hidden talents; just remember to keep this aspect of life in balance. It is much easier to manage involvement (and carry it through) in one or two activities than to enter high school committed to dozens.

Guidance & Counseling Staff

Bree Allen
Social Worker
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Amy Price
Guidance Counselor
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Confidentiality is a Priority

We maintain the confidentiality of information with regard to students and student records at all times. In the event that an individual's health, safety, or welfare is compromised, we will take action and inform necessary persons and/or agencies to appropriately address the situation.